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Interviewing 101 for Job Seekers

Those who are best prepared WIN!!

Get familiar with the company and players

  • Web site, press announcements and published profiles
  • Research leadership, revenues, funding
  • Look at all open positions published on their site, Linked In and other similar resources. Where is investment being made?
  • Who do you know that works there? Internal references are golden –

Prepare Yourself!

  • Be prepared to cover your relevant educational background and each successive position you have held. Why you were hired, your role and examples of the success you had that would be relevant to the conversation.
  • Be prepared to articulate reason for leaving each job. Positive statements about the new role and why you made the decision to go to the next opportunity.  Always demonstrate personal growth and opportunity.  Be positive and be succinct – this is NOT an area to spend much time.
  • Practice telling your story and reduce it to its simplest and most impactful form.
  • Have several relevant examples of achievements you are most proud of.
  • Have several thoughtful questions about the company, the role and the business priorities.
  • What are your strengths, what sets you apart, makes you unique and why YOU for this role?

The Interview

  • Strong handshake, eye contact, speak their name. Think about body language and position as you get settled.  Forward leaning, good posture.  Again – Eye contact.
  • As you get settled and the interview begins let the interviewer frame the discussion, but make sure to interject early in the conversation one simple question, such as – “Thank you for having me in. I am excited about the opportunity and have studied the job description, done my homework and believe I am a great fit.  To make best use of our limited time would you please outline for me the keys to success for this role and the non-negotiable attributes you need to see?  I will do my best to focus on what matters to you and the team.”
  • Have your story for each transition and reason for making career moves prepared in your mind. How did it grow your skillset, make you better and qualify you for this role?  Have a good quality notebook with notes written ahead of time for accomplishments, thoughtful questions, or any other subject is a good idea.
  • Compensation – if he/she wants to cover money that is a great sign. If they ask what you are “looking for” simply say you are looking for an opportunity where you can grow professionally and this looks really attractive! Remember NEVER quote numbers!
  • ALWAYS close on the next steps in this way – “Do you have any concerns at this point, or areas I can clarify further?

If YES – address directly and succinctly, then ask if your answer was sufficient.  If NO go to close – “Based on our conversation I see this as a great fit.  This looks like a good opportunity for me and I’m confident I would be successful in the role.  What are the next steps in the process?”

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