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Save Time with Smart Recruiting–How Broadreach Helps Fill a Position in Fewer Interviews

Want to save time—and money—filling a critical executive position at your company? Try recruiting smarter, not harder. 

On average, companies interview around seven candidates to fill an executive position. Each candidate may require multiple hours-long interviews and internal discussion, not just for hiring managers, but for all stakeholders. This is time and focus taken away from their core tasks.

Smart recruiting can trim that number way down. At Broadreach, our clients only interview an average of four candidates per position before finding the right fit. We reduce the overall interview burden by half.

On your own, you may find that filling a vacancy feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. By working to truly understand your needs, and tapping into our network and our expertise, Broadreach will send you candidates whose skills, experience, raw talent, culture, and vision are a much better fit for your company than you could find on your own. 

How does Broadreach recruit smarter?

No, we don’t have a magic wand. In short, we put in the work. Here are a few ways we use our experience and expertise to quickly fill a critical position.

1. We help shape and define the role. 

Before we even begin searching for the best-fit candidates, we help our clients define and refine the position and outline the details they’ll need to find a good match quickly.

That might mean that a client expands or reorganizes job descriptions to hire one solid candidate for a $200,000 annual salary instead of searching for two separate candidates at a cost of $150,000 and $100,000.  

This type of consultation on organizational charts, compensation packages, and business strategy isn’t an upsell: It’s just what we do as part of making sure that the candidate you chose doesn’t just quickly fill a role, but also propels your business forward.

2. We build relationships to truly understand your needs.

Your company’s culture and DNA are just as important in the search equation as a candidate’s skills, experience, and education. So we put in the time and care to build a true partnership and we ask a lot of questions that help us better understand your business.

Among many other things, we ask about 

  • the big-picture scope of the role and the in-depth details
  • the culture and structure of the team and the organization
  • who the hiring decision makers are
  • reasons the previous employee left

And then we listen carefully to what you say.

3. Industry experience gives us a leg up.

Our team’s broad and deep industry experience gives us insight into the nuanced details of what it takes to make a successful placement. We draw from our time spent in IT, financial services, executive management, and sales leadership to present the best candidates to spend your valuable time interviewing.

We also rely heavily on our experience and industry connections to go beyond public databases for a deeper network of contacts and passive candidates who may be just the right person for the job. 

If you couldn’t tell, recruiting is a passion for each of us at Broadreach. We do it as a job because making these connections is as natural to us as the air we breathe. Every search request from a client is unique, and that makes the job even more fun. 

We know you’re already aware how time consuming it is to fill a position. From whittling down resumes, to candidate research, checking references, post-interview discussion and follow up—not to mention the time spent scheduling and conducting rounds of interviews with multiple stakeholders. We know you’d rather be spending your time on other critical tasks.

We’re proud of our ability to save you time and money by reducing the number of candidates you interview to fill open positions—including pivotal executive roles. Reach out for help finding just the right candidate today.

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