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Learning Starts with You!

As a hiring manager, one of the things that most impressed me was a person who had independently prepared herself or himself for the next wave of change in technology, market or operations.  All too often professionals in the workplace leave their careers in the hands of the companies they work for and the managers who would prefer they focus on the here and now.  What are you doing for your future?  AI, SaaS, and machine learning are driving digital transformation across all aspects of business operations.  Consider this.  Stanford professor Andrew Ng’s online machine learning course has attracted over 2.6 million students.  It is available in six languages. It is just one example of how individuals are preparing themselves for the future.

Harvard Business Review just published a special issue entitled How to Learn Faster and Better.  It offers insights into the impact that learning makes in the ongoing success of organizations.  “Take Control of Your Learning at Work” is an excellent short article by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic.  “Learning should never stop. Regardless of your past achievements and present level of expertise, your future depends on your ability to keep learning.”   A successful learning strategy is not a Learning Management System. It is not a set of learning paths.  It is a strategy that supports a passion for learning and a passion to apply those learnings to achieve organizational goals. It starts with you, the individual.  Understand your knowledge gaps and build a plan for success.

In future articles I’ll provide insights into creative learning initiatives by individuals and organizations.  Please share an example of a successful learning practice you use.

Machine Learning Course
Harvard Business Review How to Learn Faster and Better
Take Control of Your Learning at Work

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