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Broadreach Staffing Solutions Announces New Metro-Boston Office

Delivering Personalized Talent Search Approach to Clients and Job-Seekers

Broadreach Staffing Solutions (, an IT and sales staffing firm, today officially announced the opening of its Marshfield, MA location and the expansion of its staffing service offerings to clients and job-seekers across New England and the US.  Formed in November 2013, Broadreach has grown rapidly over the past several months due to its unique approach in servicing clients who need top talent and candidates who are looking for a personal touch in what can often be an impersonal hiring process.

“I’m very pleased with the success we’ve had out of the gate,” said John Schnauck, president and co-founder of Broadreach Staffing Solutions.  “I’ve been very fortunate to put together a team of highly experienced, dedicated and talented staffing professionals who truly understand the IT and sales staffing world, while also sharing the same vision I have in creating a staffing firm that adds unique, personalized value to both the client and the candidate matching process.
It’s clear that hiring companies and job-seekers have long been looking for a better way to get connected, so I’m not surprised that we’ve been embraced as quickly as we have. ”

Broadreach was conceived during a year-long sailing sabbatical Schnauck took with his wife and two children. Said Schnauck, “During my trip, I met a number of fantastic people with very diverse backgrounds, all of whom were very high performers in their various fields.  After spending time discussing careers with individuals from so many disparate industries and roles, I had the opportunity to be introspective about the aspects of my career that I enjoyed the most.  Recruiting is the one role where, when done well, it creates enormous tangible value to both clients and applicants.  Finding the perfect fit for candidates and clients in terms of business culture, professional, and financial goals is by far the most rewarding thing I have done in my career.  When I returned from my trip I was determined to reconnect with the best recruiters I worked with in my past and share my vision with them to form Broadreach Staffing Solutions.”

In building Broadreach, Schnauck assembled a team of veteran recruitment professionals that provide a platform of expertise and a track record of success that have helped to significantly differentiate the firm with clients and candidates alike.  Broadreach’s senior technical recruitment team includes Ralf Pirozzi, Eddie D’Zmura, and Teri Pirozzi, who combined have almost 100 years of total industry experience.

Broadreach provides candidates and clients a refreshing approach to the talent search, focusing on the personalization of the hiring process.  Unlike other staffing firms that provide large volumes of poorly selected and unscreened candidates to clients, Broadreach approaches search in a targeted, high-touch manner. “We spend a substantial amount of time with every candidate we choose to work with,” said Schnauck.  “We meet them in-person, over the phone or both a number of times throughout our interview process.  We really want to get to know them, build a relationship and serve as an advisor that truly understands what they’re looking for in their next role, and we take the same approach with our clients.  Unlike many other firms, we actually listen to what candidates and clients  have to say and try to hand pick applicants to match our clients’ opportunities – it’s a bit of ‘new recruitment meets old school personalized touch’ but we realize the need to personalize and target the process to ensure long-term success for both client and candidate.”

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