Why Choose Retained Search?

You know that a recruiter’s role is to help you fill an open position in your organization. But did you know there are different ways to use a recruiter to your advantage?

We’re here to explain how a retained search creates a true partnership with your recruiter, smooths the process, and improves your chances of getting the best person for the job.

How is retained search different from other recruiting services? 

Before we outline what a retained search is, let’s review what it’s not.

In a commission-based contingent search, multiple recruiters work rapidly to fill your open position as they vie for a commission. From a business’s perspective, this can feel somewhat like a feeding frenzy—leaving you unsure if you’re going to lose an arm trying to catch that fish. 

Some unscrupulous contingent recruiters will take shortcuts in hopes of making a fast placement and cashing your check. By nature, they have very little investment in whether their placement lasts. (Does this mean all contingent search is bad? No. You just need to be aware of the risks and ensure you’re working with reputable recruiters.)

In a retained search, you will contract with a single recruiter and pay a portion of the recruiter’s fee upfront. Once retained, the recruiter dedicates resources to filling the position and works on it exclusively until it’s filled. With some skin in the game, a retained recruiter is invested in making sure that they find candidates who will knock your socks off and take your organization to the next level. 

What are the benefits of retained search?

Retained search forges a quick partnership between the organization and the recruiter. 

For every retained search we contract for, we’re motivated to start by building a solid relationship with our client that leads to a highly customized approach. Not only do we focus on gaining a full understanding of the role and the skills, requirements, and characteristics needed in a candidate—we also gain insight into your business and its culture. 

Throughout the process, we help you shape the role. There may be changes in spec during interviews (ours and yours) and based on feedback from candidates. At Broadreach we use this feedback, along with our expertise—in both staffing and business—to tune the search to produce candidates with an extremely high chance of a successful placement. 

The result is a smoother, more efficient recruitment process that truly saves you time and money, and nets you the right person for the job.

When does a retained search make the most sense? 

While retained search is an option for any job placement, it’s especially helpful when:

  • You need to fill a niche role, with specialized qualifications or uncommon skills
  • Time is of the essence, and you have other big fish to fry
  • Corporate HR needs to be investing their energy in bigger-picture strategic development (rather than wide-net candidate searches)
  • You want to reach “passive” candidates, who aren’t currently seeking a new job but might be attracted to your position
  • You need help shaping the role and the compensation so that it supports company goals and initiatives while also appealing to top candidates
  • You need to place an entire team that can hit the ground running from the start
  • You need to hire talent that feels out of your league

In practice, a retained search attracts immediate attention from potential candidates, and elevates the cachet of the role for small companies who want to be talking with candidates in a league above. Top candidates will know immediately that you take this role seriously and are committed to devoting resources to support it. 

Why makes Broadreach great at retained search?

If we may toot our own horns for a moment, Broadreach is successful because we’re experienced, and we’re connected. 

Our recruiters come from roles within business and industry and have a deep understanding of what can make or break a fit for an executive, specialized, or team placement. We know what questions to ask, what red flags to look for, and which rocks to look under to hunt out and whittle down your candidates. Then we save you time by sending you fewer candidates to interview—giving you time back for core priorities and strategic initiatives.

Filling critical roles, with the right people, faster

Every search request that we perform is as unique as the partnership we form with our clients. And that makes our jobs fun. We value the trust you place in us, and we work hard to keep it. 

Imagine for your next job search that instead of waiting for resumes to trickle in, you contract with us for a retained search and get work done while we bring you the best candidates for your company

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