Why everyone should work at a Start-Up at least once in a career

Forget the soft serve ice cream and the ping pong table. There are real reasons to go to work in a software start up environment.  Want to learn how to be a producer of efficiencies, solutions and revenue instead of a consumer of company resources? Go to work in a place where you can fit the org chart on one page.

Start ups can be exciting and empowering. Critical decisions will be made with you at the conference table as everyone in the room looks your way and asks for your input.  There is no corporate “them” to blame – not “those guys in Marketing” or “those slackers in Sales”…there’s just you and the people you are working shoulder to shoulder with. You are much more likely to be able to see the direct result of your work in a smaller environment.

Exposure to new technology and job responsibilities frequently happens at a start up. The “all hands on deck” attitude gets you involved and can add to your skillset rapidly moving forward.

It’s refreshing to work in a place where everyone is rowing in the same direction.  The stakes may be high and your contribution is important. Yes, a certain amount of risk may be involved. Be bold.  Believe in your ability to contribute to an early stage organization’s success. I look back fondly to the web analytics company I helped hatch and grow in the ‘90’s. It was a unique work experience, both challenging and thrilling. And the stock options worked out pretty well.

Irwin Grossman – Senior Recruiter