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Vice President of Sales

**Job Title: Vice President of Sales – EdTech Vertical**

**Company Overview:**

Our Client is a prominent EdTech service provider collaborating with major publishers, universities, and EdTech firms to revolutionize education through innovative solutions.

**Job Summary:**

As the Vice President of Sales for our EdTech vertical, you will assume responsibility for developing and implementing strategic sales and marketing initiatives, overseeing regional sales teams, contributing to public relations efforts, and offering valuable insights to our product development team.

**Key Responsibilities:**

1. **Set Sales Targets:** Establish clear and attainable monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets for the EdTech vertical.

2. **Sales Strategy Development:** Formulate inventive sales strategies to not only meet but exceed sales targets, identifying and leveraging opportunities within the EdTech sector.

3. **Team Hiring & Supervision:** Recruit, lead, and mentor high-performing sales teams, ensuring their alignment with the company’s objectives and their ability to deliver exceptional results.

4. **Expansion:** Identify and execute strategies to establish new sales channels and partnerships, expanding our footprint in the EdTech market.

5. **Industry Engagement:** Represent the company by participating in relevant trade fairs, conferences, and industry events.

6. **Customer Research:** Encourage research on potential customers to customize offerings and marketing strategies.

7. **Training and Development:** Conduct in-house seminars and training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of the sales team.

**Skills Required:**

– **Experience:** A minimum of 15 years of relevant sales leadership experience within the EdTech industry.
– **Sales Expertise:** Demonstrated ability to boost sales, penetrate new markets, and consistently meet or exceed targets.
– **Funnel Building:** Hands-on experience in designing and managing tailored sales and marketing campaigns based on thorough market research.
– **Market Knowledge:** Stay updated on current trends and best practices in the EdTech industry.
– **Leadership:** Strong leadership and motivational skills, with the capacity to build high-performing teams and nurture a performance-driven culture.
– **Organization:** Exceptional organizational capabilities to effectively oversee multiple facets of the sales function.

If you are a results-driven sales leader with a passion for the EdTech industry, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to drive growth and success within our EdTech vertical.

Bedford, MA

Full-Time Regular

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