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Environmental Project Manager

An Environmental Services organization is seeking a skilled Project Manager familiar with Massachusetts environmental regulations to oversee regulatory compliance, manage projects, mentor staff, handle client relationships, and aid in business development.

Key Responsibilities:

– Overseeing environmental regulatory and permitting activities, including identifying specific regulatory requirements, liaising with agency personnel, drafting technical reports, preparing permit applications, presenting at public forums, and ensuring successful project permitting across various endeavors.
– Managing projects by creating proposals, handling budgets, assembling project teams, coordinating with clients and stakeholders, and supervising technical project work.
– Engaging in business development by maintaining client relationships and cultivating new opportunities. Additionally, coordinating, conducting, or leading fieldwork when necessary.

The Project Manager is expected to resolve complex problems by offering original, innovative, and cost-effective solutions, and will be involved in directing and coordinating intricate assignments while adapting established guidelines and introducing new approaches.


– Proven experience with local, state, and federal environmental regulations and permitting in Massachusetts, including coordinating regulations and developing permit applications.
– Proficiency in applying environmental compliance and permitting regulations, such as Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, MESA, MEPA, CEPA, Chapter 91, and Clean Water Act sections 401, 404, and 408.
– Ability to effectively communicate and represent clients in public settings.
– Minimum of 5 years of project management and permitting experience is preferred, particularly in large-scale energy projects.
– Hands-on experience managing permitting applications from start to finish.
– Proficiency in software applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.
– Strong teamwork, project management, problem-solving, and communication skills.

The ideal candidate will be motivated, capable of working independently and collaboratively, making sound business decisions, and balancing both project execution and business development. They should demonstrate a focus on client needs, leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Education and Experience:

– Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree in environmental science, law, or related field preferred.
– Minimum of 5 years’ experience in the consulting field or equivalent education and experience combination.

The role may involve both office-based work with computers and fieldwork, potentially exposing the individual to various environmental conditions.

Please note that this job description may not cover all activities, duties, or responsibilities expected. Roles and responsibilities may change with or without notice.


Full-Time Regular

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